Vat & Trademark Registration

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VAT Registration

Your Value Added Tax (VAT) depends gravely on your yearly sales and the tax laws followed in the country. You need VAT registration once your company gets officially registered in the UK or USA.

WegSolver offers easy online VAT registration processes while our tax handlers tackle all the nasty paperwork. After the form filling procedure, you receive:

  • A VAT registration number
  • Schedule for submitting your first VAT return and payment
  • Your company’s effective date of VAT registration

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Trademark Registration

Some of the most valuable assets for your company are trademarks. These assets encourage your startup business to flourish at booming rates. Trademark registration, product, and brand name with logo are some necessary factors to help make a solid foundation for your startup.


We also extensively work on securing your IP (Intellectual Property) and trademark.

You can enjoy personalizing the style and designing throughout the process of development and registration.


Our creative design team is extremely cost-efficient and highly competent and can eventually save you a fortune. Our team of IP registration experts manages your IP security as a separate unit.

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