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Who We Are

WegSolver is an organization of trained and veteran business and management consultants. We help startup and small businesses to grow and gain a better reputation and economic stability among the competition through our expert consulting services.

Our Mission

    • To promote successful startup entrepreneurship with tactical and effectual consulting.

    • To help emerging businesses achieve global recognition and prospect in the mainstream market.

    • To facilitate promising companies with proficient and profit gaining business consulting and long-term action plans.

Equal Opportunities

WegSolver intends to globalize prosperous and growing businesses. We strive to give every business equal opportunities to establish its place in the market. We understand and meet the needs of entrepreneurs and wish to benefit those forming their companies from scratch.

Universality of Ideas

WegSolver values every startup business idea. Your intellectual property is unique and you have all rights to see your dreams come to shape. We are dedicated to assisting you through it all. Establish your identity among potential customers by sharing your brilliant idea with us and witness your startup come to life. We also help already established companies expand their operations in the USA and the UK.


Our team not only represents certified qualification and eligibility for the job, but our culturally rich consultants perform their duties with utmost professionalism and integrity. Each phase through which your venture undergoes is made extensively clear to you so you may make wiser decisions.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Our Core Values

Our Members

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Timothy Powell

Executive Director

Jennie Ryan

Operations Director

Rod Mikey

Compliance and Risk
Management Director

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